Foreign Air Carrier – Economic license (Initial)

This service allows beneficiaries to obtain the economic licenses required for the operation of foreign air carriers (which has scheduled commercial flight operations GACAR PART 129) by studying the applications and checking the satisfaction of the economic requirements to ensure their compliance against the licensing terms and issuing the final license.

  1. Application forms
  2. Copy of designation letter.
  3. Copy of article of  associations
  4. Financial statement for the last two years.
  5. Insurance policy of aircraft.
  6. Ground service agreement.
  7. Copy of AOC
  8. Foreign operator authorization

Required Forms
Required Forms
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How to use GACA EServices :

  1. Application: The applicant must submit all relevant documents as requested by the General Authority of Civil Aviation GACA in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  2. Review: GACA will review the documents submitted and verify if it comply with the rugulations and can ask the applicant to update his application.

  3. Issue: GACA will only issue the Certificate/Permit when the EService process allows it and GACA is completely satisfied that all regulatory have been adequately addressed.

  4. Delivery: of the Certificate/Permit electronically or manually according to the EService process.